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Hello, i am dj. i am from nuwakot. and i am a very good lawyer. if you want to make a case please come to me because i will do it in most affortable and genuine price.


“What are we going to tell the people?” said Mani Thapa, a standing committee member. “There is nothing substantial that we can share with our voters who have become increasingly disenchanted with the government’s performance.” The ruling party started mulling over mass meetings in the wake of growing discontent among the general public. The KP Sharma Oli administration, in the last year-and-a-half, has received more criticism than praise. When Oli returned to power, he was heading the strongest government in the country’s recent history. Political stability had been restored after decades of upheaval. But with the ruling party mired in its own internal dynamics, the Oli government failed to capitalise on the mandate it had received; rather than governing, it tried to use the electoral mandate to rule with an iron fist. While the government engaged in prosperity braggadocio, it failed to live up to the promises that the party had made during the hustings. Numerous controversial bills and decisions did not help the party.



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